gPDFText is a text editor for GTK+ that opens PDF documents for ebook readers, converts the text contents into plain ASCII text, restores the original paragraphs and removes unwanted line breaks to allow easier zooming on the reader.

Current release: 0.0.1.

Many downloaded PDF files for ebook readers still use the A4 paper type (or letter which is similar in size) and when the PDF is displayed on the ebook reader, the zoom required to display the entire page makes the text too small. Simply exporting the PDF into text causes problems with line wrapping and the various ways that ebook PDFs indicate page headers and footers make it hard to automate the conversion.

gPDFText loads the PDF, extracts the text, reformats the paragraphs into single long lines and then puts the text into a standard GTK+ editor where you can make other adjustments.

On the ebook reader, the plain text file then has no unwanted line breaks and can be zoomed to whatever text size you prefer.

Each reformatting option can be turned off using the gPDFText preferences window.

Spelling support also helps identify areas where the text has not been fully reconstructed.



If you use Debian GNU/Linux, gpdftext will soon be in the unstable distribution.

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